Individual hiking tours (trekking) in Tenerife

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Hello, our names are Viesturs, Dace and Agnese - we are hiking in Tenerife.

Apart from tours organized by tour companies with big buses, without private guided car tours, there is still such a type of tourism in Tenerife as walking along beautiful nature trails. Both in the mountains and on the ocean coast and a combination of them.
The Canary Islands are a paradise for excursions and hikes all year round. There are many epic routes on the islands, all marked and equipped.

Tens of beautiful places can be seen in Tenerife: extinct volcanoes, lighthouses on the capes, 1000-meter cliffs, dragon trees, gardens, ancient aqueducts, Guanchu caves, flowering bushes, flowers and trees throughout the year and fantastic clouds.
There are hundreds of them here - for everyone's taste and capabilities (i.e. physical fitness). Short - a couple of kilometers, and longer - tens of kilometers. There are also official (fee) trails - such as "trekking through Maska Gorge", and similar.

The bravest and most daring can choose to go on such adventures on their own.  The question is most often one - how to get to a specific trail and return to the accommodation?

We offer such hikes with a guide.

First, he will take you to the chosen trail and bring you back home;

Secondly, he will come with you and show you the way (so that you don't get lost), help you overcome more difficult sections of the road;

Thirdly, the guide knows the best local authentic eateries when you are hungry after the hike;

And finally - another friend will be gained!

Excursions take place in small groups, up to 4 or 6 people in a group.

At the bottom of the page there are descriptions of hiking trails with pictures.

Prices for the excursion

depend on the capacity of the car - if the number of passengers is greater, then a more capacious car should be taken, the cost of which is more expensive:

1- 4 people - 150 Eur

5-6 people - 180 Eur

20 euros extra for each overtime

Payment procedure: after confirming the excursion, a small reservation fee of 30 euros is required as a security deposit, which is included in the payment for the excursion. And 100 euros at the start of the excursion, the rest at the end.


Jf your accommodation is outside the southern resort, then there is an additional charge for the time it takes to get to you and bring you back.
The standard means - from El Medano to La Caleta Adeje.


 We click on the name of the excursion:

1. Route - "Ghost Gorge">>>

2. Pārgājiens "Afuras ieleja">>>

3. Pārgājiens "Mēness Ainava">>>

4. Pārgājiens Rambla de Castro>>>

5.  Pārgājiens Mēness Ainava 2>>>

6. Pārgājiens uz Teidi>>>

7. Pārgājiens Los Gigantes arka>>>

8. Pārgājiens Cuevas de Chimiche>>>

9. Pārgājiens uz Cuevas de los Colores>>>



Fill in all fields in the order form on the "Order an excursion" page, and the guide will contact you shortly

Or write to WhatSapp: +371 29154812


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